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balthazar (2. a choreography)

This is the second step of  the project Balthazar, which started in march 2013 with Balthazar (1. stories), presented during Burning Ice at Kaaitheater.

We live with animals and we work with them. And since we lack a common language it is up to the bodies to negotiate the shared world. What we are, is just what we have become while working with them. With Tabea Magyar and Renen Itzhaki, students of the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT), we explore the conditions of living and working together with animals in choreographic practices.


ines lechleitner

choreography david weber-krebs
dramaturgy & theory maximilian haas
dance tabea magyar, renen itzhaki
costumes kayves hanke
publication ines lechleitner
caretaker thomas petersen (arche wader)
technique lars rubarth
production infinite endings/ingrid vranken, kampnagel/christine focken
thanks to hochschulübergreifendes zentrum tanz (hzt), cecilile schmidt, nik hafffner