david weber-krebs

balthazar (proto version)

© maximilian haas

Balthazar is the first result of a long-term artistic research project by David Weber-Krebs (Director) and Maximilian Haas (Dramaturge), which looks at animals and their behaviour on stage. The first outcome of Balthazar was rehearsed and staged at the mime department of the Amsterdam School for the Arts as part of a project with students in March 2011.

Direction: David Weber-Krebs
Dramaturgy: Maximilian Haas
Performance: Johannes Bellinkx, Sanne de Wit, Tim Senders, Dionne Verwey, Abdelkarim El Baz, Sus Verbruggen
Research: Marie Urban
Technique: Jeroen de Boer, Bart van den Heuvel, Tim van het Hof
Production: Tim Nieburg, Petra Ponte, Yvonne Guis

This footage has been realised during a first draft at the mime school (Amsterdam) in march 2011.