david weber-krebs

on enclosed spaces and the great outdoors (third edition)

Jeroen Peeters and David Weber-Krebs are currently preparing the third edition of the performative conference On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors due to be presented this season in de Brakke Grond and Das Theater in Amsterdam (29.02 and 01.03.2020) and in Kaaitheater in Brussels (18 and 19.04.2020).
More information and Line up will follow soon.

On Enclosed Spaces and the Great Outdoors is a series of performative conferences on the place of theatre (and the arts at large) in times of climate crisis. Here are some information about the previous versions:
first edition
second edition
youtube channel

For this new edition we are working on several tracks.
Is the theatre apparatus (and our environment in a larger sense) only a backdrop and d├ęcor for human drama? What would a world look like in which humans are no longer in the foreground and several other actors, lifeforms and agents claim their place? Do we need to develop different modes of attention to appreciate non-human actors as well as our intertwining with them? What remains of the theatre when its walls crumble and the outside world creeps in in all manner of ways? A different sense of relationality challenges our notions of the theatre and spectatorship: does a strict division of inside/outside still hold?

At the same time, it seems politically problematic to simply erase humans and indulge in post-apocalyptic fantasies – aren’t we after all responsible for climate change and the crises it provokes? So if we take away the walls of the theatre and focus on material culture, ecosystems and the horizons of a world without people, we’d also have to evoke its counter-image. What remains is a group of people embodying the theatre, a group of people ‘uprooted’ by climate change and looking for a new ground to land, if not a ‘terrain’ where this roaming community of artists/researchers/citizens can encounter one another and the environment, present itself and reflect upon urgent matters.