david weber-krebs

Dear all,

The rehearsals of the upcoming performance the guardians of sleep are in full swing and we are happy to invite you to its premiere at Zeitraumexit in Mannheim during the Wunder der Prärie Festival on the 14th of September. The show will then travel to Buda, Kortrijk and Kaaitheater, Brussels. First on the calendar is tonight, lights out! at Bunker in Ljubljana, returning on a later date to the Wunder der Prärie Festival, where it first premiered six years ago, and finally to Veem House for Performance. During the animal form/ula/s event at Sophiensaele in Berlin, we’ll explore the place of animals in performings arts.

the guardians of sleep

While sleeping, the human body is vulnerable. In times past it was considered the task of the absolute ruler to protect his sleeping subjects against nocturnal dangers. Nowadays there are other forms of social protection. But what happens when these suddenly fall apart? With The Guardians of Sleep David Weber-Krebs creates a quivering and intense microcosm within theatre’s coordinates of time and space. How responsible can you feel towards someone you don’t know? When does caring for someone become a power relation? A look often stays on the surface of things. We can only guess what happens inside the head of the one we watch sleeping.

14, 15 september 2017 zeitraumexit Mannheim (DE)
6 october 2017 kunstencentrum buda Kortrijk (BE)
15, 16 december 2017 kaaitheater Brussels (BE)

tonight, lights out!

What is going to happen when we are all together in the dark?

“From storytelling to the most intimate experience, that of the fear of the darkness. David Weber-Krebs holds us and captures our attention as he would hold in his hands the power to turn our will on or off. Brilliant!”
– toutelaculture

24, 25 august 2017 bunker Ljubljana (SI)
23 september 2017 zeitraumexit Mannheim (DE)
14 oktober 2017 veem house for performance Amsterdam (NL)

On December 8, 2007 the Bild Zeitung, Germany’s most important tabloid and Europe’s best selling newspaper, was proclaiming with big letters on its front page: “Tonight, lights out from 20:00 to 20:05!”. By performing this small symbolic action of switching off the lights, people were part of the large community who cares for climate change and who is determined to solve this problem together. For the time of five minutes… Tonight, lights out! transposes this action from the level of an entire country to the closed space of a theatre.

animal form/ula/s

Martin Nachbar invites colleagues in a week-long event of performances, film screenings, masterclasses and an open lab in order to study the seminal performance Sleep Walkers (aka Zoo Mantras) by Simone Forti. Antonia Baehr, Miriam Jakob, artists’ duo Krõõt Juurak & Alex Bailey and David Weber-Krebs will research and expand the work that is currently being conducted on the human-animal-relation in contemporary performance.

25 september – 1 october 2017 sophiensaele Berlin (DE)