david weber-krebs

the earthly paradise
Freiburger Museum für neue Kunst: Im Archiv der Empfindungen download pdf.

into the big world
from belgium 3: unburdened australians in an adventurous mix by Jana Perkovic in realtime.net link
een mooie voorstelling van David Weber-Krebs bij Saskia Monschouwer in monschouwereditions.nl link (nl)
a beautiful performance by David Weber-Krebs by Saskia Monshouwer download pdf (uk)

“tonight, lights out!”
interessierte Erschöpfung in badische Zeitung download pdf
do you want to put the lights out?
in teatro.persinsala.it download pdf
la très jeune création contemporaine interroge nos sociétés in toutelaculture.com (f) (24.5.2013) download pdf
ein unvergessliches theater-erlebnis
by Dennis Baranski in Mannheimer Kurier (d) (10.09.2011) download pdf
een onvergetelijke theater ervaring download pdf (nl)
a unforgettable theatre experience download pdf (uk)
nur ein kurzes Glücksgefühl by Sigrid Feeser in die Rheinpfalz (d) (19.09.2011)download pdf

waarom kijken we naar dieren by Jeroen Peeters in Etcetera n.134, september 2013 download pdf

inside the black cube
schwarzer würfel wirft existenzielle fragen auf by Dennis Baranski in Mannheimer Kurier (d) (18.10.2009) download pdf

among the multitude (leuven)
De eenzat en de groep by Pieter T’Jonck in de Morgen download pdf (nl)
Size does matter in Veto download pdf (nl)

among the multitude (amsterdam)
review by Pieter T’Jonck in Etcetera
download pdf (nl)
download pdf (d)
vooral de stilte fascineert in schets van tegenpolen in Volkskrant bij Mirjam van der Linde (nl) (10.09.2009) download pdf (nl)

performance (robert morris revisited)
escaping the mechanism by Gwenneth Boelens in endlesslowlands.nl
selten so gelacht in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung download pdf (d)

the words jonathan said
het flees geworden woord in Theatercentraal by Geert-Jan Stam (nl) (24.05.2007) download pdf (nl)

fade out
scheitern als chance in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (14.10.2005)
download pdf (d)
download pdf (e)
gesprek met Minna Tiikkainnen in Zichtlijnen (01.2007) download pdf (nl)

the consequence of infinite endings
wie das ist mit dem Erhabenen, David Weber-Krebs erklärt in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (19.03.2005)
“What is actually a lecture performance? This hybrid of theoretical discourse and practical presentation occurs more and more on stages or on places for the arts. With “the consequence of infinite endings” David Weber-Krebs shows us how an evening like that is, when it’s good (…) Is the place of the sublime in the arts? In nature? Or in the perceiver who always stays behind? (…) David Weber-Krebs follows his question with esprit and preciseness.”

this performance
risk realized by Virginia Baxter in realtimearts.net (march 2006) link
more than it says it is by Ruth Holdsworth in realtimearts.net (march 2006) link
beyond waiting by Winnie Love in realtimearts.net (march 2006) link
the expectant void by Osunwunmi in realtimearts.net (march 2006) link
two young theatre directors enchant during Plateaux in Festival in Frankfurter Rundschau (23.10.2004) download pdf
ringkampf mit dem Leben by Lutz Steinbrück in Wortgestöber (d) (01.12.2005) download pdf
young artists look for a cross-European approach by Marcelle Schots in Theatermaker (11.2005)
link (nl)
download pdf (e)
embracing ambivalence by Jan-Philipp Possmann in Volume (10.2005)
“David has so far been going about it in two ways: Firstly, his approach is one of reduction, which is to say that he is taking away all that seems superfluous in order to open our view on the things themselves, on their essence, if there is such a thing. Secondly, he seems to be aiming at ambivalence. Or, if he isn’t aiming at it, he does not avoid it but embraces and welcomes it as vital to his enterprise (…)download pdf
kritik in Strandgut (d) (12.2004) download pdf
love, death and failure in Frankfurter Allgemeine (23.10.2004) download pdf (e)