david weber-krebs

BALTHAZAR by Maximilian Haas in Antennae 31, spring 2015

Balthazar is a long-term artistic research project by David Weber-Krebs (director), Maximilian Haas (dramaturgy/theory) that explores our cultural relationship with animals using the means of theater. Theproject consists of a series of three performance productions and a book. Referring to the traditional division of the performing arts between theater, dance, and opera, each performance concentrates on a specific theatrical means: narration, choreography, and!sound. And each of them has a different ! conceptual focus derived from the works of the three !philosophers that shaped the contemporary reflection on the animal most prominently: Gilles Deleuze, Donna Haraway and Jacques Derrida.
(…) see Antenna, the journal for nature in visual culture, issue 31