david weber-krebs

among the multitude (amsterdam)

David Weber-Krebs transforms the theatre space into a cinema..
A man is wandering around in an open landscape. He is in exile, an alien, looking for something in the wrong place, in the wrong way. When he finally enters a forest we are brought back to the social space of theatre. The film that was uniting the spectators by offering them a window to look at the world has disappeared. A shift occurs from a situation of looking at art to a situation of looking at each other. Now we are many. People looking back at people.

Among the multitude is a proposition to review and rethink our position as collective viewers of ourselves and of the world around us. It is a journey from the deepest of our European landscape to the shared and enclosed space of theatre.

A David Weber-Krebs film
With Tjebbe Roelofs
Production Joggem Simons/Inexselsisvideo
Camera Joost Rietdijk, David Weber-Krebs
Assistance Arnaud Arseni
Sound Tim Egmond, Coordt Linke
Thanks to Arnoud Noordegraaf, and the families Cassart, Max, Grosjean, Thonon, Gillet, De Volder, Lemaire.

A David Weber-Krebs performance
In collaboration withAndreas Bachmair, Anne Breure, Jan Langedijk, Noha Ramadan, Mike van Alfen and Anne van Dorp,
Artistic assistance Anne Rooschüz
with Lianne Roeleveld, Tjebbe Roelofs, Timo Roeleveld, Eli Elise Hoopman, Margje Leussink, Matthijs Lok, Witold van der Vliet, Elon Wallert, Tim Sinke, Mariangela Tinelli,Henk de Ruiter, Annie de Ruiter – van Veen, Els van Buren-Walvis, Marjolijn Ham, Meta den Dekker, Carmen Tatzreiter, Yentl Oehlenschläger, Jan Kostwinder, Dick Addens, Marleen Addens, Anna Nickisch, Joekenel van der Pijl, Bram van Buren, Olivier van Buren, Anne-Marie Janssen, Annette Roco, Hennie Spronk, Shirley Mehilal, Anna Lont, Wijnand Wortelboer, Andreas Bachmair, Scheltus van Luijk, Linar Ogenia, Senna Gourdou, Wim Collee, Rose Akras, Ellik Bargai, Jan Langedijk, Wandana Biekram, Mike van Alfen, Kees Versseput, Noha Ramadan, Sharita Jiawan, Mike Latina, Emma Wilson, Velvet Lee Black, Hemmen Mahmoud, Florentina Holzinger, Eoin Shortt, Stefan Schneider, Anne van Dorp,Edith Schuurman, Katerina Dietzova, Maartje Nieuwint, Sven Ritmeester, Henk-Piet Glas, Hanneke de Feijter, Mahutin Awunou, Anne Breure, Mari Matre Larsen, Jeltje Diepersloot, Sabine Overtoom, Nannette Kornman, Sander Jaakke and Pepijn Vos
Spatial conception Alexander Schellow
Light design Jan Fedinger
Costume supervision Janneke Raaphorst
Sound Coordt Linke
Photography Agnese Da Col
Dramaturgical advise Jan-Philipp Possmann, Jellichje Reijnders

Among the multitude is a Frascati, Inexselsisvideo and Infinite Endings production.
Made possible by NFPK+ and AFK with the support of Clap! Liège – Belgium.

Among the multitude premièred on september 9th, 2009 in Frascati, Amsterdam.