david weber-krebs

conference: does it matter?


This international conference invites performance scholars and philosophers to reflect on the different ways in which posthuman performance practices matter with regard to aesthetics, ethics and knowledge transmission. Do only bodies matter (Butler) on the stage, or does ‘it’ matter as well? This international conference seeks to unfold the many features of posthuman performance practices along the notions of co-creation, response-ability and knowledge transmission.

Maximilian Haas and me will present the lecture Does the Donkey Act? Or, Balthazar as Protagonist as part of the artist-salon on 18th, march at 20:30 in Vooruit, Ghent. 

In this dialogic lecture presentation we focus on the process behind our ongoing artistic research project Balthazar, in which a confrontation is staged between one animal and a group of human performers. In the presentation we address the following questions: Can we claim that the donkey acts? In which sense of word? How can we distinguish between human and nonhuman agencies in a performance situation? Is the donkey’s participation to be understood in terms of (artistic) cooperation?

Please find more information about the conference here.