david weber-krebs

fade out

edward curtis

Fade Out starts exactly where other stories end. By manipulating a specific trope or mechanism of time based arts, it reverses the narrative logic and turns the end of a story into an epic of loss and longing that continuously balances on the borders of perception and disappearance.

Fade Out is a minimalist work, one that reduces the theatrical aesthetics to their core and lays open the very conditions of performing arts: “They were in the light. They were in the darkness.” The two poles of any theatrical endeavour, actors and audience, and the intense yet delicate relationship they engage are moved into the foreground. Fade Out uses nothing more than light, space and the intense presence of two people on stage, to reflect on the mechanisms and potential of live time based art. “And here we are now!”

Silence and the slowly vanishing light take up the theatre. The stage is ready for the Void to spread. And that is all of a sudden surprisingly much.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

concept & direction david weber-krebs
performance carola bärtschiger, diego gil
light design minna tiikkainen
sound coordt linke
costumes myriam van gucht
dramaturgy jan-philipp possmann
advice nicole beutler

Fade out is a Gasthuis and Sophiensaele co-production in collaboration with LISA made possible by FAPK and VSB Fonds.