david weber-krebs

into the big world (concert version and theory salon)


David Weber-Krebs is currently working on a new performance titled Into the big World, which will be presented in February 2015 in de Brakke Grond. The work traces the eighteenth century seeds of the planet’s contemporary globalised and warmed-up state of being, a time of great discoveries, expeditions and new repertories, a time when the world was seen as a whole that needed to be known through all its aspects and conquered as such; a time beyond the obscure dogmas of religion and autocracy, heading towards the lights of knowledge, positive science and democracy. In the course of an extensive research for this work, David came across a new, but already widely spread theory stating that human behavior in recent centuries has influenced the earth’s atmosphere so significantly as to constitute a new geological epoch, the anthropocene. In the anthropocene, the old distinction between the stability of nature following its unalterable rhythm, and ever-changing human cultures, falls apart. So what do we do now?

This evening is a concert and a theory salon.

First David Weber-Krebs will give an overview of the research. Then Sandra van der Hel from the Institute for Environmental Studies (VU Amsterdam) will give her perspective of aspects of the discourse around the anthropocene.
To conclude it is the unique chance to see an excerpt of the concert version of the upcoming performance Into The Big World with Katja Dreyer and Noha Ramadan (voice) and Peter Lenaerts (music).


presentation David Weber-Krebs, Jonas Rutgeerts
lecture: Sandra van der Hel
slam: Katja Dreyer, Noha Ramadan
music: Peter Lenaerts
made possible thanks to the Amsterdam Funds for the Arts