david weber-krebs

performance (robert morris revisited)

What is it with the spectacular? To find out, on as to go back to a historic period in modern art, that was seemingly defined by an unparalleled will to be anything but spectacular: the minimalism of the 1960s. Of course, doing little can be quite unspectacular, but doing very little is again most spectacular. And it was. So how is something unspectacular turning into something spectacular? Is it the thought, the speculation, or is it the sight, the spectacle?

Performance is a spectacle and a speculation telling the true story of how the American artist Robert Morris injured his head in 1961.

Concept and Realization David Weber-Krebs
in collaboration with Jan-Philipp Possmann
Technical realization Hans Wenstendorp

A performance in which suspense is driven to a maximum when a pillar-like sculpture based on Robert Morris’ work is lit dramatically. For minutes, nothing happens. It feels like looking at a beautiful photograph. You can watch it for hours but your mind wanders off. Then suddenly the pillar falls down to the floor in one piece. Just in an instance, with a bang, its shape has completely changed and our idea about what we saw, is transformed too. Is was in its minimal approach truly spectacular.
-ENDLESS LOWLANDS,Gwenneth Boelens.-