david weber-krebs

this performance

this performance stages a performative poem creating ever new expectations through a massive amount of announcements. However each announcement confirms the almost infinite variety of possibilities and increases the longing for salvation in an uncertain future. Apparently, nothing happens on the empty stage. And still, the space develops its own life. The projections and expectations of the public are gradually sensed and become theatre-events on their own. “This performance” addresses frictions between longing and experience, between the desire of the sublime and its realization. Until the ideas come into being.

concept/text/direction David Weber-Krebs
performance Jennifer Minetti
installation Benoît Goupy
sound-design Coordt Linke
dramaturgy Jan-Philipp Possmann
this performance is a plateaux, mousonturm and Gasthuis production

premiere: plateaux,new positions in international performing arts, october 21, 2004.

This performance is a small, simple and delightful performance about theatre.
Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung

David Weber-Krebs ” This Performance” shows how theatre can arise, deceive and finally meet expectations. “This Performance” is a very clever and minimalistic production (…) It demonstrates how scarce theatre signals can be in order to make the audience experience tension (…)
Frankfurter Rundschau