david weber-krebs

the actual event (a lecture performance)

Let’s imagine people waiting in the foyer of a theatre. They are waiting for the door to open. It opens and they enter the theatre. When everybody is inside the door is closed behind them. There is no tribune. No stage. It is an enclosed space and what people share here is air. The air that was there before they entered. The air that now mingles with the air that all of them carried inside. Each one for herself/himself. They breath this air together now. They all share this air now. (Somehow) they have to negotiate it. There is something at stake here. A fragile balance of some kind. The temperature rises. There is also some dust in the game. The dust that was sleeping for years in those curtains. The dust that was carried inside by some people or that slipped inside while the door was open. Maybe some of it comes from the construction works at the other side of the road. Maybe some of it crossed oceans before arriving here. There are some vapours expanding in the space. Gaseous fluids. Smells. All this is in a mutual interaction. The material. The anthropos. The barely visible. The immaterial. They intermingle. They process. They transform. They have to negotiate with one another.  Something is at stake here. The anthropos holds his breath. Something is at stake here. 

In this lecture performance David Weber-Krebs analyses what happens when strangers gather in spaces. What does their mere presence change to this place?  What happens before, after or during the actual event they are due to participate in?

© julien bruneau