david weber-krebs

the guardians of sleep

While sleeping, the human body is vulnerable. A feeling of security and peace helps us every night to withdraw from the world. In times past it was considered the task of the absolute ruler to protect his sleeping subjects against nocturnal dangers. Nowadays there are other forms of social protection. But what happens when these suddenly fall apart?

With The Guardians of Sleep David Weber-Krebs creates a quivering and intense microcosm within theatre’s coordinates of time and space. Six performers disclose various levels of intimacy. Ambivalent relations between light and dark, activity and passivity, looking and being looked at resonate with and against one another.

How responsible can you feel towards someone you don’t know? When does the activity of looking at someone turn into watching over that person? When does caring for someone become a power relation?

A look often stays on the surface of things. We can only guess what happens inside the head of the one we watch sleeping.


The Guardians of Sleep works as an intensifier for the senses: you perceive every movement and every noise in the room, you feel being observed by the now-and-then open eyes of the performers, and you are an observer yourself, responsible to watch over the others’ dozing off. Thereby, Weber-Krebs succeeds to create an intense connection between his performers and each one of the spectators.
Mannheimer Morgen.


concept & direction david weber-krebs
performance julien bruneau, luanda casella, alondra castellanos arreola, matthew day, zoë demoustier, irena radmanovic
lighting design jan fedinger, martin kaffarnik
costumes anne-catherine kunz
dramaturgical advice sébastien hendrickx, lara staal,
artistic advice marie urban
sound advice david helbich
illustration eva le roi
production manager leonie persyn
production infinite endings
co-production kaaitheater, kunstencentrum buda, zeitraumexit. with the support of the flemish authorities and of the flemish community commission.
thanks to pianofabriek, mimeopleiding amsterdam. David Weber-Krebs is affiliated as an artistic researcher to KASK & Conservatory / School of Arts.

première september 2017, wunder der prärie, zeitraumexit, mannheim.