david weber-krebs

tonight, lights out!

Tonight, Lights Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska for Festival Ciało-Umysł Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska for Festival Ciało-Umysł
What is going to happen when we are all together in the dark?

a unique theater experience that one is not likely to forget.
Mannheimer Morgen.

From storytelling to the most intimate experience, that of the fear of the darkness. David Weber-Krebs holds us and captures our attention as he would hold in his hands the power to turn our will on or off. Brilliant!

On December 8, 2007 the Bild Zeitung, Germany’s most important tabloid and Europe’s best selling newspaper, was proclaiming with big letters on its front page: “Tonight, lights out from 20:00 to 20:05!”. By performing this small symbolic action of switching off the lights people were part of the large community who cares for climate change and who is determined to solve this problem together. For the time of five minutes…

Tonight, lights out! transposes this action from the level of an entire country to the closed space of a theatre.

concept, text, hosting david weber-krebs
research & assistance marie urban
management & production infinite endings
sound coordt linke
conception installation hans westendorp
technique martin kaffarnik
thanks to maarten westra hoekzema, mathias domahidy

there exist an english, a dutch, a french and a german version of Tonight, lights out!

for the eng/dutch version: a stichting INFINITE ENDINGS production in co-prodution with STUK, Zeitraumexit and Theater Zeebelt. thanks to Frascati.
tonight, lights out! is made possible with the support of NFPK and AFK
for the french version: a stichting INFINITE ENDINGS production in co-production with FAR/Festival des arts vivants. Thanks to Kaaitheater.
for the german version: a stichting INFINITE ENDINGS and Theater Freiburg co-production.